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Rather, its function is to banish the regressive fantasy of a restorative achievement of flawlessness through suffering--a fantasy that obscures the recognition of human frailty and mutual dependence.
Measure Items Flawlessness I am sure of the flawlessness of my purchased product.
Last week, Miranda Kerr posted an Instagram pic complete with at-home photoshop because flawlessness apparently isn't flawless enough.
By emphasizing the value they place on individual effort and growth rather than ability or flawlessness (Dweck, 2012), instructors can encourage students to put forth their own work, rather than relying on external aids such as cheat sheets or websites.
FOXBORO -- Tom Brady isn't perfect, but he demands flawlessness from, first and foremost, himself, as well as his teammates.
Controlling the parameters like flake morphology, particle thickness, particle size distribution and flawlessness of the particle surface are a real challenge for every metallic pigment manufacturer.
The pressure to represent the legendary cabaret (and French culture in general) makes flawlessness an imperative.
It also lies with Helprin's two protagonists--divine, beautiful, honorable, wise, virtuous, and, according to some reviewers, wholly improbable in their flawlessness.
The imperfections of real people, real relationships, and real performance are replaced with the illusion of flawlessness.
In the conceptualization of balance in numerical terms, a hypothetical full balance or flawlessness, albeit nonexistent, is used as the highest standard for any type of translation.
However, despite the certificate's apparent flawlessness,
The most ridiculous aspect of the whole processes is that the ideal is completely unattainable; as Kilbourne states, real women are doomed to fail from the beginning when compared to the "ideal woman" who exists in the advertising world because her image is based on "absolute flawlessness.