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This blast from the past brings parts of the "old" Suzy out and she has to decide if keeping up the facade of flawlessness is worth losing herself.
The visitor might be struck by: (a) a preoccupation with details, rules, order, organization, or schedules; (b) an insistence on perfectionism such that pursuit of flawlessness interferes with completing the job; (c) a rigidity and scrupulosity regarding technicalities of ethics or values; (d) an inability or great difficulty in abandoning worn-out or worthless rules; (e) a miserliness in spending; and (f) a rigidity and stubbornness in one's outlook toward others and their behavior.
I have registered disbelief at the flawlessness of a brand new person's skin, curving faultlessly around a perfect button nose and into the little scoop of her philtrum.
The constant pursuit of unattainable flawlessness is a deterrent against complacency, as Benitez knows the next three fixtures will be trickier than the last three.
In addition to an obsession with control and perfectionism, OCPD individuals would imitate behaviors modeled by caregivers, so as to try and ensure flawlessness, thus further ingraining their compulsivity.
I shall restrain myself, with difficulty - for once - from going into names and details of the aforementioned incidents but the fact is that the rugby internationals that have been less than perfectly refereed far outnumber those in which official saintliness and flawlessness have prevailed.
The old smoothies got together again for the new ``Run That By Me,'' and while not as perfectly countrypolitan polished as ``Rose,'' this scruffier after-hours (but still sober) affair has an old-boys-ain't-lost-it flawlessness that's a joy.
5) See, for example, Piccinini's work Protein Lattice--Subset Red (1997) for which a model's face and bust were photographed and then digitally manipulated to create the appearance of flawlessness and polyethnicity.
The splendid curvings of glass artifice Informed its flawlessness With lucid unities.
The success of the piece rests not only in the flawlessness of the dancers' technique, but also in their ability to execute the acerbic steps with a sense of musicality.
I have read about the frenetic pace the game was played at, marvelled at the flawlessness of Rangers' performance, and I have even rung the Glasgow reservoir authorities to check the consistency of the water that Barry Ferguson walked on.
Perhaps that is to be expected as custom guns from numerous builders have approached flawlessness.