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com/technology/2013/jul/26/scientist-banned-revealing-codes-cars) legal injunction  from car manufacturer Volkswagen stopping them publishing details of flaws in car keyless entry systems.
Both the main flaw (Spectre), and the Intel-only flaw (Meltdown) have been created by a design technique intended to enhance the chips' performance known as "speculative execution".
In the interview, Krzanich goes on to say, that Google researchers informed Intel about the flaws "a while ago".
Even though security defects are being introduced during the initial coding phase, the good news is that developers are fixing security flaws after the initial test--indicating that they do understand the importance of releasing secure code.
Those flaws include a remote code execution flaw in the handling of JPEG images (CVE-2016-4673), a remote code execution bug in WebKit (CVE-2016-4677), local code execution flaws, and a vulnerability in contacts (CVE-2016-4686) that would let an application pull Address Book details even when access has been revoked.
The problem was that while we were working through our form flaws, the problem of dropping our bow arms came back.
Flaws approached a blind summit in the dark and veered on to the wrong side of the A965 to avoid a car pulling out of a junction.
The resulting thermographs can show flaws via time-temperature contrast signatures.
In year 2010 the total item flaws were 36% and 11% testwiseness and 22% were for irrelevant difficulty.
As a result, larger-than-expected flaws are often left in the pipe after a hydrostatic test.
The security flaw, discovered by Sky-Recon, centres on the Windows Local Procedure Call interface, and is similar to the problems exploited by the Sasser worm back in 2004," said Calum Macleod, Cyber-Ark's European director.