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She lived amongst them, a passive victim, quivering in every nerve, as if she were flayed.
Frustrated in this attempt, the callous Sioux laid the cold edge on the naked head of his victim, and began to describe the different manners, in which a prisoner might be flayed.
The accessibility of Riah proving very useful as to a few hints towards the disentanglement of Eugene's affairs, Lightwood applied himself with infinite zest to attacking and harassing Mr Fledgeby: who, discovering himself in danger of being blown into the air by certain explosive transactions in which he had been engaged, and having been sufficiently flayed under his beating, came to a parley and asked for quarter.
The protesters also flayed the negative and criminal role of French regime for not taking action against the culprits.
A report by Bank of Canada has flayed the bitcoin and said that it could threaten the global financial system.
In their joint statement the KUJ leaders have also flayed the dacoit at the home of senior journalist Waqar Bhatti and snatching of valuables from photojournalists Majid, cameraman Zuhaib Jeay Jaa.
ONLY one Test match has been played since the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium replaced the Recreation Ground, where Brian Lara flayed England's bowlers in record-breaking innings of 375 and 400 not out, as Antigua's premier venue.
He also flayed the government's handling of South Africa's crime epidemic, dwindling water supplies, bureaucratic red tape and skills shortages.
They flayed the lad alive and hung his skin on a nearby thorn bush.
Wrapped in nuptial monsoon,/my body is flayed and dismembered,/its blood red meat/quivering in the spray/sings at the harp of the cliff.
All these actions make use of different sets of muscles and von Hagens has flayed and peeled away the obscuring flesh that allows us to see the inner workings of the body.
Here one might note an indebtedness to Francis Bacon's flayed subjects; there a self-conscious nod to Hans Bellmer's fetishistic dolls, or Hannah Hoch's riotous collages, or Egon Schiele's raw draftsmanship, or Cindy Sherman's constructions of malleable identities.