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Fledge success.--Fledge success was determined for all nests monitored in 2008 (Table 2) and 2009 (Table 3) with the exception of five nests with unknown fates due to visual obstructions; Double-crested Cormorant (N=2), Great Blue Heron (N=2) and Snowy Egret (N=l).
According to the newspaper, the team of mechanical engineers claims that the Fledge, which pairs an 18 brake horsepower, 346 cubic-centimeter gasoline engine with a 3.5 horsepower, 3,000 revolution-per-minute permanent magnet direct current motor, is the first HEV to be developed in India.
His prediction has been tested experimentally numerous times and largely refuted because of the demonstrated ability of parents of many species to fledge young of normal size from enlarged broods (reviewed by Dijkstra et al.
The observation that both male and female chicks fledge with longer wings than adults also suggests that low wing loading is probably advantageous during the first years that young birds spend in subtropical waters.
Of the 20 nestlings in the bled group, 80.0% fledged successfully and 20% failed to fledge due to depredation.
The most prominent improvement has been the increased fledge rates.
Parrotlets lay large clutches that hatch and fledge very asynchronously (Plate 1).
"Whilst in 2003, two pairs bred but failed to fledge any young.
Once located, observers monitored nests about every 3-5 days until fledge or failure of nest.
Healthier parent birds meant more chicks surviving to fledge, and foods such as peanuts and sunflower seeds also had micro-nutrients which could be passed onto offspring in the eggs.
'Even if you have seen chicks fledge it is vital that hedges are second checked as some birds may have more than one brood,' he added
Many hosts that are similar in size to the vireo, but have lengths of incubation comparable to that of a cowbird, regularly fledge both a cowbird and their own young from parasitized nests (e.g., dark-eyed junco Junco hyemalis; Wolf, 1987; chipping sparrow Ortega and Ortega, 2001; yellow warbler Dendroica petechia; Ortega, 1998; prothonotary warbler Protonotaria citrea; Hoover, 2003).