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Fledgeling vampyres attend the House of Night, a finishing school for vampyres.
TODAY Finals: IG Group, Stagecoach, Topps Tiles; Interims: Eurotunnel, Hemscott, SDL; AGMs: British Water, British Smaller Co Vct, Fleming Eur Fledgeling, Goldshield, Volex.
Borges passes through this fledgeling Kantian stage and reveals a more startling proposition: that this harmony is merely imagined.
The focus for policy makers at the time was on protecting a fledgeling industry from potentially ruinous claims for compensation, while at the same time providing a basic level of protection for passengers.
The greater problem, it might be suggested, is that in dictionary-making, as in many other areas, typically the sponsorship of a novelist's career beyond their fledgeling effort, the modern publisher is no longer willing to take on what was once an accepted (albeit reluctant) role: the patron.
The particularly scholarly guest-contribution by Marie-Laure Cortenson on Moreau's re-invention of the Middle Ages is sadly truncated from the fuller version in the French edition of the catalogue in order to make room for two articles, informative but less reliable, by fledgeling students of Moreau.
The DB-110's electro-optical/infrared imaging capabilities were intended to be employed solely for identifying problems with East Timor's infrastructure and to improve maps of the fledgeling nation, but Air Force officials have reportedly stated that the pod has also been instrumental in gathering evidence of violence against the East Timorese, such as instances of civilians being thrown overboard from Indonesian naval vessels.
In essence, privatisation is emerging as the new source of growth for the fledgeling African stock markets.
But the Biblical Limits series seems designed to expose Routledge's fledgeling biblical studies list to the rest of the Routledge operation.
But the fledgeling Hearts gaffer was given the boot just 18 months later when Chris Robinson replaced Wallace Mercer as chairman.
The research group has been transformed over the last three years from a fledgeling group into a systemized organization.
An 'eyas' is a hawk or falcon fledgeling, a young and inexperienced bird which may be tamed and trained easily.