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The Shadow Foreign Secretary says the fledgeling Balkan state is being "slowly pulled apart" by ethnic tensions and risks becoming "Europe's black hole".
The arrests, two weeks ago of four bash-patriots, for chanting abusive slogans against our venerated leader, during an anti-occupation march, must have been the result of the efforts of the fledgeling network.
But she is no ordinary fledgeling, having been chosen by the goddess, Nyx.
The shame of capitulation discredited Germany's fledgeling democracy, while the physical turmoil at home in the last days of the war obscured the army's psychological collapse and left intact the myth of Prussian military invincibility.
Some of the donated funds (depending on the wishes of the donor) will be added to our fledgeling endowment fund, the interest from which will help to support the magazine in perpetuity.
Fledgeling services have commenced in plastic surgery and paediatric surgery and are due to start in burn management, psychiatry and diabetic retinopathy screening.
but then the fledgeling businesspeople are not so sweet and innocent either, it's clear that they're using the show as a shop window in the hope that other investors will bite.
She is currently a director at the oil industry specialist corporate finance boutique, Harrison Lovegrove & Co, a non-executive director of AMEC and chairman of both the JP Morgan European Fledgeling Investment Trust and Zetex, the quoted semiconductor company.
This would also have been the position faced by the playwright(s) who prepared the first performances of Edward IV, in all probability the first play written specifically for a fledgeling company in a newly adapted playhouse.
In the field of area studies, Burma/Myanmar studies occupies a small niche carved out by a pioneering generation of scholars whose "watch" dated back to the 1950s when the fledgeling state was regarded by many observers as a promising example of economic growth and democratic rule.
The company started life on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), a junior stock market launched in 1995 for fledgeling firms keen to avoid the expense of a main listing.
They also note that the fledgeling democratic reform process in member states of the GCC could be affected.