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677) suggested no significant association between bleeding and fledging.
Unlike some other bird species, which let their offspring dictate the level of care, seabirds appear to weigh up the cost of a chick fledging underweight against the greater cost of losing the chance to breed again "Manx Shearwaters have a breeding life of around forty years, so parents pay a high cost if they end the season too weak to complete their own migration," he added.
After achieving a nine out of 10 fledging rate, we gained permission to proceed with a translocation of STAL chicks in 2008.
Introducing our kids to birding is beneficial to all stakeholders - the kids, the birds, the birding community and ultimately everyone else through increased conservation awareness," said Dave Magpiong, Program Director with NBP's Fledging Birders.
The 194 Locals captured at least once after fledging yielded 257 recapture records; 75% of fledglings were never recaptured.
For the first week after fledging, distances of movements were 50% lower than those reported elsewhere in Arizona (ca.
We recorded fledging date and brood size at all successful nests located during the study (n = 16).
Parasitism increased the probability that a nest failed by reducing likelihood that eggs of the host hatched, likelihood that host young survived to fledging, or both (Table 5).
Twenty-six days after fledging, the fledgling from the parasitized brood was dead, but there was no evidence of predation.
Continued monitoring after nests in the study area were located indicated ala 85% projected fledging success rate during the second possible breeding season after the fire (2008).
Our objectives are to present detailed information about: (1) nest construction, (2) orientation, (3) composition, (4) fledging success, and (5) nest parasites in two adjacent, but distinct habitat types (high elevation, 'open shrub' and low elevation, 'dense shrub') in a central Alaskan population of P.
We checked nests more frequently at the expected time of hatching and fledging to obtain accurate hatching and fledging dates.