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However, fledglings are extremely unlikely to be abandoned.
Data on survival of fledglings for western bluebirds is lacking, however, making refined modeling of populations difficult.
Each year the RSPCA's four wildlife centres receive about 4,500 injured birds and other fledglings picked up by staff or the public from April to August, amounting to a third of the animals they care for.
The total number of eggs and fledglings came to 30 - 36.
Tim Thomas, sen-ior RSPCA scientific officer said: "We are urging people to think very carefully before coming to the rescue and to remember that un-less the fledgling is injured, in immediate danger, or truly orphaned, it has a much higher chance of survival left in the wild.
More than 20,000 fledglings are taken by well intentioned members of the public to the RSPCA each year between April and July believing that they have been abandoned, but they could be doing more harm than good.
Using data collected by SOS and their own field studies, Podolsky and his colleagues estimate that 10 percent of Newell's shearwater fledglings die each year and an additional 15 percent are injured from crashes attributable to artificial light.
The parents continue to provide food for the fledglings for a week or two, until the young ones are able to provide for themselves.
That's the view of Fledglings Training and Advisory Services - an independent training company which specialises in preparing people for cabin crew careers.