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Having no ornaments fine enough for this important occasion, Amy looped her fleecy skirts with rosy clusters of azalea, and framed the white shoulders in delicate green vines.
Looking upward, he found that the thin fleecy clouds, which evening had painted on the blue sky, were already losing their faintest tints of rose-color, while the imbedded stream, which glided past the spot where he stood, was to be traced only by the dark boundary of its wooded banks.
It was known that Merlin had been busy whole days and nights together, imbuing Sir Sagramor's arms and armor with supernal powers of offense and defense, and that he had procured for him from the spirits of the air a fleecy veil which would render the wearer invisible to his antagonist while still visible to other men.
White and fleecy clouds upon the azure only say that the sea will be smooth and peaceful.
For a while the morning lights played upon the snow and the brown and swelling masses beneath, and then, as though to veil the majestic sight from our curious eyes, strange vapours and clouds gathered and increased around the mountains, till presently we could only trace their pure and gigantic outlines, showing ghostlike through the fleecy envelope.
Around the city, outside the ramparts, sight was lost in a great circle of fleecy vapors through which one confusedly distinguished the indefinite line of the plains, and the graceful swell of the heights.
I just hoped the fleecy blankets wouldn't glue itself to them.
Overall, a fleecy or soft throw can make the moment even more relaxing and special and textile mavens Loro Piana Interiors, for example, has the right amount of fine fabrics to help set that mood.
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As well as Countryfile being big fans of the unusual days out, Welsh weathergirl Ruth Wignall has also enjoyed a stroll with a fleecy friend too, for Coast and Country.
Currently, agricultural producers of the region are working to send samples of wool samples to the testing laboratory for the certification of wool FGBU "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Sheep and Goat Industry" in the city of Nevinnomyssk, Stavropol Territory, to determine the quality of fleecy wool by tonin, wool and weed.
In a message May 17, Azerxalca said the fleecy carpet, woven in 1926 in the country's Shusha city, is a unique sample of Azerbaijani carpet weaving.