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O fleeting joyes Of Paradise, deare bought with lasting woes
It began to be chill; the tide was rapidly fleeting seaward, the schooner settling more and more on her beam-ends.
But, already, swifter, more fleeting than the voice of the echo, Erik's voice had leaped back behind the wall!
If momentary rays of glory break forth from the gloom, while they dazzle us with a transient and fleeting brilliancy, they at the same time admonish us to lament that the vices of government should pervert the direction and tarnish the lustre of those bright talents and exalted endowments for which the favored soils that produced them have been so justly celebrated.
The fleeting glimpse that he had had of her in the moonlight as she swung from the back of her plunging pony into the branches of the tree above her had shown him a girl of about the same height as his Meriem; but of a more rounded and developed femininity.