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Molly wonders, fleetingly, if her mother suspects about her secret mermaid life?
We never allowed them to show this film in Pakistan," said Naila Farhat, 22, who features fleetingly in the documentary.
She saw Russell fleetingly in London and New York between concert dates here, in Japan, Australia and South America.
Fleetingly, Paul also shows Perry side by side with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, as emblems of the "he said, she said" culture of blame and gridlock in Washington.
She said: "They surface fleetingly and have such a small dorsal fin that it is often confused with ripples or waves in the water.
Carrick has struggled this season as United, while remaining unbeaten, have only fleetingly found their very best form.
Elsewhere, it's business as usual with three-minute money-makers that fleetingly please but do not linger longer.
Preston threatened fleetingly and Neil Mellor fired over with 18 minutes remaining but neither side could find the winning goal.
He said "frightened rabbit" Boyle had been in "floods of tears" and had fleetingly felt like throwing in the towel to escape all the attention.
Countless others have done the same, O'Driscoll only fleetingly showing glimpses of what he could do years ago.
The notorious piece by Marcus Harvey was fleetingly seen during a Visit London video to highlight the capital's cultural heritage, filmed in a gallery where it was on display.
In a statement, Visit London said: "This is a general three minute video of London in which an artwork by Marcus Harvey very fleetingly appears.