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However, Benjamin cautions that fleetingness is not equally distributed among artworks and languages, but depends on their ability to activate the "element that does not lend itself to translation" (79) of their originals.
The fleetingness already becomes apparent in the way in which one-offs give: many of them drop the coin while walking, don't look into the beggars eyes and keep on talking to their company.
Drawing widely on the findings of her ongoing research project on "Voices as Paradigms of the Performative", Kolesch regarded voice as a performative phenomenon par excellence and gave a systematic overview of the concept and dimensions of vocality, such as responsiveness, fleetingness, affectivity, spatiality and social dimension.
In unravelling the intimate relationship between metrical stress, the sonnets' exploration of the quantification and limitation of love, and the fleetingness of time, Harrington offers a new interpretation of Mother and Daughter as an experiment in capturing a lyric voice, an "attempt ...
It is a breath to make one aware of the fleetingness of breaths, of their limited number.
Although the interlinear Latin text cannot be traced surely to Bernard, the attribution is not off the mark, for its contemptus mundi theme--pointing its readers away from "foolishe fond conceytes" and "fickle fancies toyes," and toward "hope for stedfast stay"--certainly accords with Bernard's own emphasis on the fleetingness of earthly pleasures beside God's enduring love (Edwards 1-3).
Tejeda's text, an account not only of youthful indiscretions and adult missteps, but also of his slow struggle to understand the fleetingness of materiality and the power of spirituality, charts his life-long journey to rediscover the healing power of religious faith.
Whether Charafeddine is measuring the lightness of witnessing horror, as the title suggests, or the weight of compassion, as Kundera describes in his seminal work on the fleetingness of life and love, "The Unbearable Lightness of Being," Charafeddine's photographs are a moving look not only first-hand violence, but its effect on others, even at a distance.
Ceramics operate within a conceptual constancy that is possibly confusing to some, particularly given the contemporary world of impermanency, fleetingness, throw away, instantaneous gratification, entertainment and consumerism that is found in art and everywhere else.
Certainly, critics are right to notice that "Of the Pythagorean Philosophy" is concerned with the decay and fleetingness of matter.
regard to their fleetingness, comparably shy--those elementary particles