flesh and blood

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Flesh and Blood, which has been financed partly by private investors and partly by ITV, was filmed in a number of South Wales locations.
Also, coatings of cells or certain molecules might trick the body into thinking that an artificial material is its own flesh and blood.
That oft quoted phrase means, according to the philosopher, that no matter how closely one inspects a person, there is only flesh and blood.
Here is a Virgin mother who is a real, flesh and blood woman, behaving as anyone would have expected a mother to do.
I know everything, or rather, I now discover that I thought I knew: everything changes if those words are translated into images of such power to transform in flesh and blood, striking signs of love and hatred.
Through his flesh and blood we can come into God's presence again, no longer separated by sin.
In what has become a morbidly familiar ritual, bearded Orthodox Jews scraped the wreckage, and even surrounding trees, of flesh and blood, while scores of policemen and investigators pored over the scene.
In this sacrament, sweet Jesus, Thou dost give thy Flesh and Blood, And Thy soul and Godhead also, Yes, dear Jesus, I believe it, And with all my heart, I love Thee, Thou dost give Thy Flesh and Blood, as our own most precious food.
Julia Kim, received Holy Communion under the species of bread and wine which then visibly changed on her tongue into a tiny palpitating heart of flesh and blood.
The Sacred Host received by Julia Kim was changed to living flesh and blood.
Within the history of our Catholic Church during the past twenty centuries, there have occurred incidents in which the Flesh and Blood of Jesus hidden under the outward appearances of bread and wine become openly visible and perceptible to the human senses of sight, taste, touch and smell.