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Therefore, African parasitoids of olive fruit fly may fail to successfully establish on fruit flies in fleshier European cultivars, because their short ovipositors are adapted for foraging in small, wild, African olives.
All of me is just fleshier now, but my face changed.
Kyl ie, who is dat ing Spani sh model Andres Velencoso, added: "All of me is fleshier.
Beside her an older sister, ten or eleven, fleshier & resembling the mother crinkled up her face & rudely stared after me.
Long muscular limbs can give a dinosaur power, but at the cost of speed: The fleshier a limb is, the more energy the creature must expend moving it back and forth, Manning says.
SHE has had filler pumped into her cheeks to give it a fleshier pad.
Having a more burly, heavy and fleshier body was reinterpreted as an indication of health, vigour, strength and virility (Suresha, 2002; Textor, 1999).
For those with a passion for a fleshier nibble (me, most definitely) there was tandoori chicken.
Charlie came from a different tribe than the teacher; shorter and more muscular, his skin was darker and duskier, his head rounder, his nose and forehead flatter, his features fleshier.
oAlthough I sell both, I would recommend the fresh ones because they are usually tastier and fleshier.
It didn't bother my particular hand, but I can see someone with fleshier fingers getting nipped.
We would prefer to do this voluntarily," said Dan Fleshier, a spokesman for the National Restaurant Association.