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If I wake up with those fears this summer, I will try to tell myself that in a society where great camp counselors--like great teachers--are absurdly undervalued, her insistence on going back to camp demonstrates a great deal of toughness" (Fleshier, 2012).
The female has, compared to the male, a small head and a small mouth, softer hair that is dark colored, a narrower face, bright glittering eyes, a narrow neck, a weakly sloping chest, feeble ribs, larger, fleshier hips, narrower thighs and calves, knock-knees, dainty fingertips and toes, the rest of the body moist and flabby, with soft limbs and slackened joints, thin sinews, weak voice, a hesitant gait with frequent short steps, and limp limbs that glide slowly along.
The yellow variety is preferred to all other varieties because of its inherent properties like its bigger size, attractive colour and fleshier body.
A chunky and fleshier style of merlot; hints of cocoa and black fruits in the nose; medium-bodied and mouth-filling and a long lasting finish.
Therefore, African parasitoids of olive fruit fly may fail to successfully establish on fruit flies in fleshier European cultivars, because their short ovipositors are adapted for foraging in small, wild, African olives.
Kyl ie, who is dat ing Spani sh model Andres Velencoso, added: "All of me is fleshier. You definitely put on weight.
All of me is just fleshier now, but my face changed.
Beside her an older sister, ten or eleven, fleshier & resembling the mother crinkled up her face & rudely stared after me.
Long muscular limbs can give a dinosaur power, but at the cost of speed: The fleshier a limb is, the more energy the creature must expend moving it back and forth, Manning says.
SHE has had filler pumped into her cheeks to give it a fleshier pad.
Having a more burly, heavy and fleshier body was reinterpreted as an indication of health, vigour, strength and virility (Suresha, 2002; Textor, 1999).
It's begun to appear that "AIPAC is not the 800-pound gorilla everyone says they are," says Dan Fleshier, author of Transforming America's Israel Lobby.