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Despite their markedly different experiences of embodiment, Laura, Paula and Piera perform the roles of traditional woman: they either strongly desire children or represent sensual fleshiness, and their bodies are always dominated or colonised by the masculine.
It's got some petillance and fleshiness and is terrif as an aperitif.
The doubtful allure of the 'warm fleshiness of birthmarks' (p.
In Branded, an oil painting by Jenny Saville, a foreshortened fat nude looms above the viewer, head thrown back, one hand gripping her belly in all its explicit fleshiness.
Fresh as new-mown grass, the torrontes gives a grapefruit spiciness and the chardonnay backs that up with a creamy fleshiness.
Oversecretion of pituitary hormones: Signs of oversecretion of pituitary hormones could include milk production in the breasts of women who have not been pregnant recently; gigantism, or extreme height beginning before puberty; and acromegaly, or extreme fleshiness beginning after puberty.
The unavailable figure became monstrous and undesirable through the transposition of fleshiness and in the mixture of animal and human parts.
It endured thereafter in a certain sculptural fleshiness, a willingness to depict human beings in their less-than-godlike humanity that later captivated the Greeks and Romans.
The ponderous, inert fleshiness of this deputy--accused by Le Charivari of regularly presenting to the legislature ridiculous amendments and interminable discourses--shows how Daumier's caricatural effects were based not on mere physical distortion but on exaggeration of the subject's underlying character.
Only the hardness of his countenance and the absence of any trace of fleshiness lend a faint air of menace that is more masculine than feminine.
Bertin, with his frog-like hunch, his tenuous and warted fleshiness and his alert, intrepid eyes, could hardly be equalled, even by Bronzino, but the sleek-armed Vicomtesse d'Haussonville, a lustrous wisp of silk and fair hair, confirms that Ingres was also a magician of colour.
All the diets and hours logged at fitness centers prove that women will work hard to compensate for their fleshiness so they can join the ranks of civilization.