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Women put an economic and social value on being able to work flexibly, he told the Women and Equalities Committee.
An analysis of the Labour Force Survey found that 36% of women worked flexibly in 2012, down from 38% in 2010.
With three quarters of workers planning to take the day off, we are calling on bosses to allow those staff who could remain productive to work flexibly whether from home or a business centre nearby rather than commuting to an almost-empty office.
NAHA, Japan - Hirokazu Nakaima, who won Sunday's Okinawa gubernatorial election, said Monday he will deal flexibly with the contentious issue of relocating the U.
The book follows the student field experience from entry to termination, yet its chapters are designed as modules that can used flexibly.
Jay Sugarman, chairman and CEO of iStar Financial, added, "We believe AutoStar's unique ability to provide customers with a wide range of flexibly structured and custom-tailored capital will make AutoStar a valuable financing source for auto retailers nationwide.
These solutions isolate and distribute the components of their architecture in order to flexibly address application performance requirements.
The genus Homo adapted flexibly to new environments and ate a variety of foods, heralding the rise of people.
Infineon has expanded its memory product portfolio significantly by including flash and can now allocate its memory production capacities flexibly between DRAM and flash," explained Dr.
The latex-safe ReliaFlex liner system offers everything needed for optimal infection control and can be flexibly used with a regulator, wall outlet, or central vacuum system.