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Stenogrammitis brevipubens is characterized by having a hemidimorphic lamina, flexuous rachis, and hyaline, simple, soft, straight, 1 or 2-celled, and appressed hairs present on the petiole, rachis and laminar tissue.
Inflorescence shortly paniculate, densely once branched, 12-20 cm long (including the terminal branch), 15-18 cm in diameter, erect, rachis stout, slightly flexuous, red, glabrous, 0.
The flexuous particles are inserted into the cristae.
Adiantum camptorachis differs by having rhizome scales with distally ciliate margins, erose pinna margins, and by having a flexuous rachis.
5-6 cm, apex acuminate-caudate and recurved (basal ones) to broadly acute, apiculate and straight (upper ones), distinctly exceeding the sterile bases of the branches, red; branches 13 to 16 in number (including the terminal one), the lateral branches 21-24 cm long (basal ones) to 15-18 cm long (upper ones), spreading or nearly so, densely flowered in late anthesis, 9 (upper ones)--to 17 (basal ones)-flowered, rachis slightly flexuous, angulose, 0.
7 mm long, and very occasional hairs pluricellular, flexuous, some flattish, translucent with reddish septae, sometimes with some cateniform cells; pinnae 10-17 pairs, alternate, 2-7 x 1-2.
6 cm wide, rachis exposed by the bracts, flexuous to geniculate, subterete, internodes 3-5 mm, green, lepidote; stipes 1-1.
8 cm in diameter, slightly flexuous, sulcate, terete, green, densely white-lanate; primary bracts strongly spreading or nearly so, many times longer than the fascicles but reduced in size toward the inflorescence apex, the basal ones foliaceous to subfoliaceous and resembling the scape bracts, the upper ones narrowly ovate-triangular, long acuminate-caudate, 8-16 x 2.