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Terminal hairs with 4-7 close spirals accompanied with a few long, flexuous hairs, forming a relatively compact head, Ascospore size 6-7.
Hysterothecia gregarious, superficial, straight or flexuous, 0.
Hysterothecia single or gregarious, erumpent, superficial, straight to flexuous, surface usually striate, 0.
Inflorescence shortly paniculate, densely once branched, 12-20 cm long (including the terminal branch), 15-18 cm in diameter, erect, rachis stout, slightly flexuous, red, glabrous, 0.
The flexuous particles are inserted into the cristae.
5-6 cm, apex acuminate-caudate and recurved (basal ones) to broadly acute, apiculate and straight (upper ones), distinctly exceeding the sterile bases of the branches, red; branches 13 to 16 in number (including the terminal one), the lateral branches 21-24 cm long (basal ones) to 15-18 cm long (upper ones), spreading or nearly so, densely flowered in late anthesis, 9 (upper ones)--to 17 (basal ones)-flowered, rachis slightly flexuous, angulose, 0.
6 times as long as the inflorescence; primary rays 5-15 ascending to curving with age, at least the thinnest more or less flexuous, flattened or compressed-trigonous, antrorsely scabrous on margins distally, smooth proximally, the longest 5-11 cm, second, third, and occasionally fourth order branching present, with the spikelets ultimately sessile or rarely short-peduncled (< 5 mm) in fascicles of 2-7 or rarely solitary at tips of primary or second order branches.
6 cm wide, rachis exposed by the bracts, flexuous to geniculate, subterete, internodes 3-5 mm, green, lepidote; stipes 1-1.
8 cm in diameter, slightly flexuous, sulcate, terete, green, densely white-lanate; primary bracts strongly spreading or nearly so, many times longer than the fascicles but reduced in size toward the inflorescence apex, the basal ones foliaceous to subfoliaceous and resembling the scape bracts, the upper ones narrowly ovate-triangular, long acuminate-caudate, 8-16 x 2.
31-flowered, rachis flexuous to geniculate, subterete to slightly if at all angulose, 2-4 x 0.
1 cm in diameter, straight to flexuous toward the apex, smooth to inconspicuously sulcate, terete, light green, finely and densely white-lanate at anthesis to glabrescent afterwards; primary bracts spreading or nearly so, distinctly U-channeled, the basal ones foliaceous to subfoliaceous and resembling the upper scape bracts, gradually reduced in size toward the inflorescence apex, the upper ones narrowly triangular to ovate-triangular, long acuminate, pungent, 5-15 x 2.