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AVX's FLEXITERM offers up to of 5mm of flexure, without internal cracks, versus the industry standard of 2mm.
To meet these requirements, Bose created a low-mass flexure suspension with no friction, infinite life, high lateral stiffness and low axial stiffness.
FLEXITERM(TM) is a soft termination system that allows almost three times the amount of board flexure when compared to standard termination systems.
The compact, extremely accurate H100K-S testing machine determines such properties as tension, compression, flexure and shear of rubber, plastics, composites and adhesives, according to the literature.
Compared to a conventional colonoscope in the bench studies, the Navigator Endoscopy System applied significantly less force to the colon wall at the sigmoid flexure, which is the primary location of looping in colonoscopy.
Subsequent colonoscopy detected a neoplastic lesion at the splenic flexure confirmed at biopsy to be adenocarcinoma.
Specific topics include controlled release and materials conversion using nanostructured supermolecules, supermolecular systems based on dielectric elastomer actuators for biomimetic and biomedical applications, optical properties of self-assembled colloidal photonic crystals doped with citrate-capped gold nanoparticles, tuneable micro- and nano-periodic structures in urethane/urea networks, biomimetic apatite coatings, mimicking biomineralization processes, molecular engineering of phenyleneethynylenes towards specific molecular and supramolecular organization for optoelectronics, microstructural influence on flexure strength of a ceromer reinforced by polyethylene and glass fibers, and fundamentals of the nanocrystal formation from supersaturated solutions.
The improved properties include faster cure, higher maximum torque, higher delta torque, relatively stable modulus over time, improved hot air aging properties and improved aged flexure properties.
Flexure and water soak test results of the extruded composites were similar amongst all the HP species and were equal or exceeded the properties of the maple wood plastic composites (WPC's).
No operator adjustments, flexure or variable speed tuning are required.
Careful dissection disclosed that the large air-filled mass was a perforated sigmoid diverticulum that had volvulized over the splenic flexure.