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They waited yet another half-hour, the sky clearing in patches, with a flicker of sickly sun from time to time that made patches of olive-green water.
As she swung it the second time a flicker of its light fell for a moment on her own face, a face that I knew.
When Archibald won the next in eleven and the tenth in nine, hope began to flicker feebly in his bosom.
Down they went toward the pits beneath the structure, and at a safe distance behind I followed the flicker of their torch.
Nor had I made a sound, to my knowledge; for a door was open, and a light was burning, and the light did not flicker as I approached the door.
And there were other elements of good cheer: a log fire blazing heartily in the old dog-grate, casting a glow over the stone flags, a reassuring flicker into the darkest corner: cold viands of the very best: and the finest old Madeira that has ever passed my lips.
She did not move and there was no flicker of emotion on her face, but she did not look at him when she answered.
That light is the dower you brought him, and he is a wealthy man if it does not flicker.
He was inured to suffering and to the sight of blood and to cruel death; but the desire to live was no less strong within him, and until the last spark of life should flicker and go out, his whole being would remain quick with hope and determination.
In an ice-cavern behind the boat the last red embers of a dying fire flicker from time to time over the figures of two men.
To flicker like small flames on high masts: a small light, certainly, but a great comfort to cast-away sailors and ship-wrecked ones!
But, long afterwards, when she has been more years a widow than a wife, that smile recurs, and flickers across all her reminiscences of Wakefield's visage.