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As they observed the various and contrasted figures that made up the assemblage, each man looking like a caricature of himself, in the unsteady light that flickered over him, they came mutually to the conclusion, that an odder society had never met, in city or wilderness, on mountain or plain.
What was still more remarkable, whenever the sun shone on this huge figure, it flickered and glimmered; its vast countenance, too, had a metallic lustre, and threw great flashes of splendor through the air.
Before I could form a guess a faint flash of phosphorescent light, which seemed to issue suddenly from the naked body of a man, flickered in the sleeping water with the elusive, silent play of summer lightning in a night sky.
So they sat in silence till the bit of wax candle flickered low in the socket, the silence all the while becoming more irksome to Adam.
They gathered behind walls or flickered across the open in shouting masses, and were pot-valiant in artillery.
was all she said, while a faint smile flickered on the weary little face.
A long sheet of lightning now flickered across the waves, and discovered a boat, filled with men, just under a rocky point, rising and sinking with the heaving surges, and swashing the waters at every heave.
But the thought only flickered feebly now and then, and died out before it could become a wish.