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com/) flickergate website , Surface Pro 4's screen flickering has been confirmed to impact more than 1,800 devices just after the traditional warranty period expires.
In a Nature paper, researchers exposed mice with Alzheimer's to the flickering display for an hour a day, over a week.
BUILDINGS contributor Eric Woodroof found that a certain model of CFL caused flickering of LED lamps in one of his facilities.
The EEG signal gets buried under all this noise -- but our system is able to separate not only the EEG signal, but the frequency of the flickering LED within this signal.
Flickering is the light fluctuations that can lead to unsteadiness of human vision.
BenQ effectively eliminated flickering at all brightness levels by replacing the conventional pulse width modulation LED backlight that makes GW2760HS easier on the eyes when a computer is used for extended periods.
Besides establishing the existence of an extraordinary new class of variable star, the dwarf nova, it was also the first and most extravagant report of flickering in a variable star.
For example, in response to flickering stimuli, the temporal modulation transfer function (TMTF) of the human eye behaves similarly to a low pass filter where the higher frequency Fourier components of a waveform are severely suppressed (Kelly, 1969).
iMacs that is designed to fix display problems, including flickering screens, that have been reported by hundreds of recent buyers.
Three years ago an energy firm started switching off a wind turbine near a top security prison during the early morning because the flickering shadows it created annoyed inmates.
Flickering quietly in the church, these little flames symbolize that our prayers continue, even after we ourselves have left the building.
Michael Nyman's electronic score reflects my choreography as the dancers explore the flickering interfaces through which our artificial identities come to life.