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It was Flickers who took the lead in the 11th minute, but Lwanga levelled a minute later via Calvin Oringo.
Flickers Qatar, one of the most active Filipino badminton groups in Doha, hosted a friendly tournament at Ali bin Hamad al Attiyah Arena recently.
However, Taipower said that shadow flickers mainly occur in higher latitudes and given Taiwan's lower latitude, the effects should should be "modest."
Another gleefully admitted the method "helped a lot" when dealing with pesky flickers. Your personal mileage may vary in terms of how long the screen flicker stops, but the cold seems to help on a base level.
Here, the dominant conifer species and trees in which Northern Flickers are known to forage (Edworthy et al., 2011) are Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta var.
Each of the five LEDs flickers at a different frequency, and when the user focusses their attention on a specific LED this frequency is reflected within the EEG readout.
For her exhibition "Reality Flickers," performance artist, sculptor, and writer Katrina Palmer transformed MOT International into what looked like a backstage rehearsal space for a performance under production.
Sandeep gives penalty corner tips to India's Junior World Cup- bound drag- flickers
Underpinning Li-Fi is the use LEDs that flicker on and off thousands of times a second: by altering the length of the flickers, it is possible to send digital information.
I used the same procedure for locating Northern Flicker cavities, with the exception of call playbacks, and I also checked cavities used by flickers in previous years due to their propensity for reusing cavities (Gentry and Vierling 2008).
President Obama chose his words well last week when he spoke of the ''flickers of progress'' the regime in Burma has recently made after ''years of darkness.'' Those flickers are enough to justify Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's visit next month to the country -- the first by a high-ranking U.S.
"Flickers of True Destiny" is a quirky, sensitively written fairy tale with a twist or two and a good surprise ending.