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Presently he halted, and, turning to see if I were following, set off straight into the maze of trees in the direction we had been going before Thurid's shot had put an end to our flier.
I have eyes and ears and ordinary intelligence, and yesterday morning I saw the party that came to the city of Kaol from the north in a small flier.
It was easy to see why the Kaolians needed no navy; their cities, hidden in the midst of this towering forest, must be entirely invisible from above, nor could a landing be made by any but the smallest fliers, and then only with the greatest risk of accident.
A group of Pagans who attend Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, a Unitarian-Universalist congregation in Charlottesville, created a one-page flier advertising a Dec.
This flier, offering a $15 discount on marijuana, is among ones police say they found at Grant High School.
com, you should manage frequent flier miles as carefully as you oversee an investment portfolio.
Seattle's EMP museum has an installation dedicated to punk flier art (and the movements it spawned) entitled "Paper Scissors ROCK," that is part journey-back-in-time nostalgia, part serious art appreciation, and part pop-culture display.
Colozza had read in Scientific American that Georgia Tech was developing a 50-gram, flapping-wing flier for use on Earth.
Frequent flier mileage that was earned in business-related travel and provided to the employee for personal purposes was specifically held to be a taxable fringe benefit.
If a flier is told the airline plans to use a propeller plane, he or she should consider weather conditions--especially ice--when deciding whether to fly.
Enrolled in six different airline frequent flier programs, Carothers says she prefers to save up her points for a free ticket instead of upgrading her seat to business class.
The Service recently held that a travel reimbursement policy that allows employees to keep frequent flier mileage for personal use constitutes additional income to the employees.