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"Why don't they jump in and destroy these fliers?" I asked.
The black's next shot was more accurate, striking my flier full upon the prow and exploding with the instant of contact, ripping wide open the bow buoyancy tanks and disabling the engine.
Slowly the stricken flier sank to the ground, and when I had freed myself and Woola from the entangling wreckage I found that we were upon the verge of a natural forest--so rare a thing upon the bosom of dying Mars that, outside of the forest in the Valley Dor beside the Lost Sea of Korus, I never before had seen its like upon the planet.
Presently he halted, and, turning to see if I were following, set off straight into the maze of trees in the direction we had been going before Thurid's shot had put an end to our flier.
I have eyes and ears and ordinary intelligence, and yesterday morning I saw the party that came to the city of Kaol from the north in a small flier. But one thing I ask of you, and that is: the word of John Carter that he contemplates no overt act against either the nation of Kaol or its jeddak."
It was easy to see why the Kaolians needed no navy; their cities, hidden in the midst of this towering forest, must be entirely invisible from above, nor could a landing be made by any but the smallest fliers, and then only with the greatest risk of accident.
"She is gone, together with her light flier. That is all we know.
The Supreme Court heard a rather unusual case yesterday: the one about the rabbi suing Northwest Airlines over the termination of his frequent flier status.
American Airlines, a subsidiary of US-based holding company, AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR), has entered into an extended frequent flier agreement with Kingfisher Airlines, an India-based airline company.
OFF TO A FLIER: David Longstaff, Matus Petricko and Matic Kralj celebrate Newcastle Vipers' first goal on their way to a thrilling 5-4 win over Cardiff Devils last night which left Rob Wilson's men top of the Elite League.
A group of Pagans who attend Thomas Jefferson Memorial Church, a Unitarian-Universalist congregation in Charlottesville, created a one-page flier advertising a Dec.
According to Theo Brandt-Sarif, publisher of Traveltactics.com, you should manage frequent flier miles as carefully as you oversee an investment portfolio.