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Yet in North America there are woodpeckers which feed largely on fruit, and others with elongated wings which chase insects on the wing; and on the plains of La Plata, where not a tree grows, there is a woodpecker, which in every essential part of its organisation, even in its colouring, in the harsh tone of its voice, and undulatory flight, told me plainly of its close blood-relationship to our common species; yet it is a woodpecker which never climbs a tree!
Petrels are the most aerial and oceanic of birds, yet in the quiet Sounds of Tierra del Fuego, the Puffinuria berardi, in its general habits, in its astonishing power of diving, its manner of swimming, and of flying when unwillingly it takes flight, would be mistaken by any one for an auk or grebe; nevertheless, it is essentially a petrel, but with many parts of its organisation profoundly modified.
A shout burst from his comrades as they watched the swift and lofty flight of the heavy bolt.
Will you try another flight, or do you stand by your last?"
"Many a time have I won a gallon of ale by covering a mile in three flights down Wilverley Chase."
During the turn, the flight lead went IMC, so increased his angle of bank and transmitted his intentions of rolling out on a heading of 060 degrees.
An aircraft returning empty from a flight after discharging passengers or traveling empty to pick up passengers (a "deadhead" flight) is treated as having the same amount of seat miles or seat hours as the legs of the trip in which passengers were aboard.
S properly determined the standard industry fare level (SIFL) value of each personal flight under Regs.
After all, the Wright Brothers really took eight years following their historic first flight to determine the problem of stall in a turn and how to correct it (Culick, 2001).
On the day of Langley's December disaster, they were a little more than a week away from proving that powered flight was indeed possible.
About 90 minutes before landing in New Jersey, the chief flight attendant asked me (B.B-O.) to check the passenger, who said he did not feel well.