flight of fancy

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In this flight of fancy, Mr Swiveller was assisted by a deceptive piece of furniture, in reality a bedstead, but in semblance a bookcase, which occupied a prominent situation in his chamber and seemed to defy suspicion and challenge inquiry.
I answered, smiling; and then, with rather a flight of fancy, "It's the idea of a garden in the middle of the sea.
This flight of fancy provoked something like a faint smile on Mr Verloc's face.
It was, in truth, as impossible for him to take a flight of fancy as it would be for a watchmaker to put together a chronometer with nothing except a two-pound hammer and a whip-saw in the way of tools.
Little Fyne's flight of fancy picturing three people in the fatal four wheeler--you remember?
Sadly, there just isn't time for him to go into an extended flight of fancy on QI or break into song in the middle of Hot Fuzz.
But last week the CBSO - the famous City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra - stunned air passengers with a flight of fancy.
SMITH dancetheatre's Agnes and Walter: A Little Love Story is a delightful flight of fancy that set the Edinburgh Festival Fringe alight with its poignant and compelling comic story-telling.
Picking up where Indiana Jones left off, it was a swashbuckling flight of fancy that had something for all the family.
While the door-less, roof-less SUV is a flight of fancy the basic platform is shared with the Clubman and the Beachcomber can run the regular Mini's range of petrol and diesel engines while four-wheel-drive is a possibility.
Abul Einein Stresses Fanatic Presence in the Camp is a Flight of Fancy
LIVERPOOL site engineer Gary Simister's current project provided a flight of fancy for the 34-year-old with the chance to be a "Top Gun" for a day.