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Symonds MRE, Weston MA, Robinson RW and Guay PJ (2014) Comparative analysis of classic brain component sizes in relation to flightiness in birds.
At the exact historical moment that Celimene must listen powerlessly as Acaste and Clitandre announce: "Nous allons l'un, et l'autre, en tous Lieux, / Montrer, de votre Coeur, le Portrait glorieux" (1: 722), Moliere was watching his own authorial portrait circulate without his consent (and possibly as a result of his own flightiness in choosing libraires) in the frontispiece of the 1666 OEuvres.
He insists on repeating, pages apart, particular phrases and factual tidbits, a sort of cross-referencing that seems calculated to reflect the flightiness of memory.
So he laughs, accepting and revalidating that flightiness defines "being gypsy.
Against Elena's flightiness he compares Emmanuelle Riva's effort in Hiroshima Mon Amour to sustain an "inconsolable memory," a memory that accepts and holds without discrimination all life's horrors and delights (26).
Yes, of course, the rose withers, the butterfly symbolizes flightiness, and the zephyr may blow itself out in another quarter of the sky.
Besides, female intruders exhibited less flightiness than male intruders indicating more tolerance with male approaching, what should occur in courtship interactions.
Vata is formed by air and ether, therefore vata aggravation can cause dryness, cold symptoms that move around the body, gas, popping or cracking joints, and mental exhaustion, over-stimulation, flightiness and dementia.
The suggestion, therefore, retains the flightiness and superficiality that it has in the colored tomes.
Her youth and flightiness are important caveats if one is to appreciate Hetty's humanity and understand her lack of empathy.
airy-fairy flightiness, accusing me of being 'somewhere else'.
They may also be thought of as the spirit of incongruity in Hume's phrase and line fusions, or her compositional flightiness, her associational flits in which traditional narrative direction is scattered laterally.