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Flighty Clarets gets a lot of weight from a lot of rivals back in open company and is still pretty unexposed on the all-weather.
Regardless of the breed, stress-free management of sheep is important, especially in regards to extremely flighty sheep.
Tuskegee is flighty Western is a gem Buy them right and sell them right And we'll go home again
So when one day her mother returns and asks Jessye to return to the city, she's willing to give her flighty mother one more chance--until a handsome stranger threatens her world.
Fortunately, "blue whales aren't flighty," he says.
Thanks once again for being so understanding about the Lindsay Lohan thing, but that's how flighty these celebrities am.
The main Anglican community has steadily removed itself from unchangeable Christian moral principles towards the acceptance of a flighty political correctness over the last 40 years, following their initial acceptance of contraception in 1930.
Kink revolves around Novelette's, a hair salon in Toronto's Caribbean neighbourhood of Eglinton Street West, and centres on its enigmatic owner, Novelette (Sheryl Lee Ralph), her Canadian-bred teenage daughter, her flighty sister Joy (Trey Anthony) and their regular patrons, including a Jewish lawyer with "kinky" hair, played by veteran Mimi Kuzyk.
His female characters are by turns winsome and flighty.
You're the glue holding your flighty friends together as school starts.
There's something eerie and weird about them - Flighty Nicole Kidman
His flighty accomplice was eventually stopped and arrested in Detroit, Michigan.