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When the person being searched is a child, the claim of meaningful consent is even flimsier.
His explanation that he did not think he was doing anything wrong was flimsier than his forward defence in Cardiff, but perhaps to be expected from a man recovering from a bang to the head and a bout of concussion.
More than five years after the onset of the global financial crisis and the resulting crash which meant that many of Dubai's flimsier property developments never got off the ground, there is still a lack of trust among buyers over off-plan property purchases, it seems.
If that's not much to build a comedy on, it's an even flimsier basis for a character: As presented here, at least, Mortdecai is certainly daft, but not in the singularly absurd way that makes Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster, say, a distinctly human figure of fun.
The evidence against HES in burns resuscitation is even flimsier.
Their blueprint was flimsier than a new year resolution.
Against Expression, on the other hand, provides much flimsier historical frames for conceptual writing.
It's a much flimsier lock compared to the fortified shields of the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.
But there is no firm evidence yet that the flimsier bridges actually work, and data is still being gathered.
Divergent is no Hunger Games; it's much flimsier and less nuanced.
Rahman also believes the traditional beds are stronger where the construction of the new metal beds is flimsier.
Perhaps the flimsier wire would keep him from climbing.