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A: Whether for comfort, fashion-forwardness, medical reasons or to protest gender discrimination, a growing number of young women are asserting their right to push the wire-bound limits of ladies' attire -- namely, ditching traditional brassieres, sometimes entirely, sometimes in favor of flimsier replacements.
It's the high-class one I have in me car boot, especially to keep all the other, cheaper, flimsier bags from trampy shops in.
Though Trump said he planned to preserve some pieces, such as prohibiting insurance companies from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions, there are ideas being floated that would result in higher deductibles, flimsier coverage and increases in the number of people without health insurance.
On Saturday, they could only manage a 0-0 home draw in the Super League with Konyaspor, a result that meant their championship hopes are now even flimsier than gossamer.
NINTENDO'S hero for all adventures is back, in an altogether flimsier format as Paper Mario jumps out of a book and into the bizarre adventures of the traditional Mario and Luigi.
Unfortunately, the breathlessly staged performances are forced to bump 'n' grind against a script that is flimsier than a moth-eaten G-string.
Where a Bourbon stands firm with two solid dunks under laboratory conditions, the Rich Tea is flimsier, and requires a sharp eye and fast hands.
It's flimsier than I remembered from tech conferences.
When the person being searched is a child, the claim of meaningful consent is even flimsier.
If that's not much to build a comedy on, it's an even flimsier basis for a character: As presented here, at least, Mortdecai is certainly daft, but not in the singularly absurd way that makes Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster, say, a distinctly human figure of fun.
The evidence against HES in burns resuscitation is even flimsier. Both the 6S study and the CHEST study excluded burns patients.
Their blueprint was flimsier than a new year resolution.