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Four homes were raided and nine children taken into care on the flimsiest evidence.
There is a selective application of justice which has seen the persecution of opposition officials on the flimsiest of excuses.
She's not at her desk for two minutes when she sends a text to Terry on the flimsiest of excuses and finds some reason to drag him over to her new office to help on her latest child-neglect case.
Adrian Belew, Crimson's usual guitarist and vocalist, entered stage left and set about his 'virtual' drum set, a compact mini drum kit capable of producing extraordinary sounds from the flimsiest of equipment.
But Blunkett has made it so, by creating a high-security zone in London where you can get stopped and searched by the fuzz on the flimsiest of pretexts.
At the same time, it is akin to mass suicide among themselves because it would now open the floodgates for their own expulsion in the future 'even for the flimsiest of reasons.
The thought that innocent men have been mowed down by police in 'encounters' based on the flimsiest of evidence is devastating.
Hung on the flimsiest of dramatic conceits, this vulgar valentine to behaving badly under the influence of alcohol, drugs and excessive testosterone possesses no airs or graces.
When Theresa May launched the election campaign, she went to the country with the flimsiest of offerings.
Violet, ever alert for a mystery, has suspicions about the captain of a boat moored close by and, on the flimsiest of evidence, decides he must be smuggling diamonds.
Incredible isn't it - the Met devote years and many millions of pounds into hunting down celebrities and politicians on the flimsiest of evidence, yet they refuse to prosecute a bloke who is on film breaking the law.
It's people who have been sanctioned for the flimsiest of reasons or switched to other benefits to cut the dole figures.