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Some of the stages I visited were spotlessly clean, although flimsily constructed and evidence of carefully handling of fish was apparent from instant observation.
Despite this a default rate of 10% (116 patients) considered flimsily high was mainly due to long distance travel.
Thanks to a protracted miners' strike, at one point the entire country went onto a three-day work week in order to conserve electricity, and even then we all too often sat up at night in frigid rooms eating tinned Spam and reading flimsily printed newspapers by candlelight.
The bolt and carrier are obviously scaled up from even a .308 rifle, and the nickel-boron-coated carrier has an interesting detail: The charging handle is attached directly to the carrier--no top-center charging handle flimsily fabricated from aluminum.
It is bold subject handled flimsily and doesn't come close to believable.
From the moment she entered our nightmares flimsily dressed in a sort of pink Firestone tyrewoman outfit, it was crystal clear Shanessa, "27", would lower the tone.
The Tupamaro hunt was turned over to the military, who went after suspects with relentless disregard for civil or human rights, torturing and terrorizing even those flimsily connected to the Tupamaros, to the point where about one in fifty Uruguayans had been tortured, a percentage reportedly higher than anywhere else in the world.
But the problem with the report is not that it is slight and flimsily argued.
As they returned to the upstairs cell, Bonney sprinted up the stairs ahead of the jailer and battered down the flimsily locked door to the sheriff's armory.
Throughout the novela de la selva clothes are revealed as flimsily inadequate against the forces of tropical nature.
The coherence of the appendices and the footnotes with the rest of the book reveals the nature of the whole to consist largely of vaguely relevant details that are but flimsily attached to one another; the majority of the text might be properly described as auxiliary material.
Instead of "flimsily" distinguishing Walder as the Court