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The vortex effect here is viewed from on high--as if from an airplane--and washes of sheer white lend an air of flimsiness and weight-lessness, as if to indicate the shoddy construction of all that is exploding outward.
Nothing, however, can disguise the flimsiness of the original Thomas Hardy short story, stretched here beyond breaking point.
As the performers hustle around the stage with increasing speed in the second act, in a game attempt to disguise the writing's flimsiness, the play seems to evaporate around them.
The flimsiness of the paper napkins is transmuted into an esthetic of refinement and delicacy; their deficiency as objects becomes an evocation of the fragility of actual flowers.
Less extroverted than in both "The Big Tease" and "Saving Grace," Ferguson just about saves the whole souffle from collapsing under its own flimsiness.
The flimsiness of the American case is not lost on the rest of the Middle East, now united in loathing for what it sees as US imperialism.
Benoit Delhomme, the picture fails to develop into an emotionally gripping drama that would justify the flimsiness of the story.
The first sign of flimsiness arrived when Steve tried to escape their clutches at the E20.
The flashy technique goes a long way toward disguising the relatively flimsiness of the substance.
But there is still a flimsiness to his game that concerns me.
Pic's very flimsiness marks it as a wispy commercial proposition, though it deserves more than being stuck in the ghetto of gay fests -- to which the sexuality of its main character may doom it.
To be fair, the Adobe troupe here isn't aiming for cleverness; the aesthetic principle is the bad gag celebrated for its badness, the tacky stage effect that draws attention to its flimsiness (Broadway flop "Jackie" traded in the same style last year).