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Its loose flimsiness belongs to the dress code of Le Petit Trianon, which the Bourbon queen set up as a pseudo-pastoral escape from the formality of Versailles.
Again, the tropes of satire or antiromance may suggest themselves here as interpretive options, underlining the shallowness or flimsiness of the generic setting and narrator, but understanding St.
Okay, some are luxury condos and others are mere shacks whose flimsiness is disguised with gaudy decorations, but their existence at least transmits a desire to put down roots and flourish.
Because of their flimsiness and fragility, most are used only once.
Although a consensus committee acknowledged the flimsiness of the then-available evidence that Hb [A.
20) Booth notes the irony that these lines "assert the immortality of the poem" just as they "remind a reader of the flimsiness and vulnerability of anything written on paper" (Booth, Sonnets 229).
Somewhat ironically, Davis rests his case against torture in any conceivable circumstance--as evil without exception-on the epistemological flimsiness of intuition.
If these changes are cumulative, then as he moves from one dubious change to another, Duggan is compounding the flimsiness as opposed to just presenting a new questionable alteration.
In fact, a sense of both the utter absoluteness of their linguistic form and, at the same, of the artificial flimsiness of that form is what gives these works the highly effective form of arbitrariness which each possesses.
Her language had, for some reason, descended to flimsiness, at once hollow and overwrought; a kind of cheap ornamentation hung on plots that were either predictable or contrived, and the characters in these worlds, who were inevitably denied the gift of free will (because their actions had already been determined by the plots), showed up flat and functional.
The flimsiness of the situation, which the word tenuous refers to, was also on the mind of Pakistani-origin defence analyst Shuja Nawaz.
In the process, the Dane also discovered the flimsiness of his own ethnic biases and of nativist stereotypes.