flip a coin

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While it might seem implausible that anyone would come to such a website and flip a coin, much less follow the dictate of the coin toss, the results obtained speak to the contrary' Levitt reports, noting that more than 20,000 "coins" were flipped by participants during the yearlong study.
Note that I can flip a coin and get the outcome I want every time - let's just say that I have to catch it and that's all I'll let on.
One experiment randomly assigned participants either to the trust game or a coin-flip game, in which one participant was told that if he or she handed over the 5 dollars, the other participant would then flip a coin to determine whether to return 10 dollars.
Obama to flip a coin to decide what to do in Syria Following months of indecision and paralysis, the US administration today revealed an initiative for President Barack Obama to flip a coin to decide what course of action to take in Syria.
A WARWICKSHIRE pub is offering diners the chance to flip a coin for the chance to get their meal for free.
VITALI Klitschko will defend his WBC heavyweight title against Londonbased Pole Albert Sosnowski on May 29 - and then flip a coin with brother Wladimir to decide who fights Britain's David Haye.
John Taurek argued that when deciding what to do in such a situation, you should flip a coin, thereby giving each of A, B and C a 50 percent chance of survival (Taurek 1977: 303).
A But in times of difficulties, between life and death - do we just have to flip a coin and choose between 'heads' or 'tails'?
Before Andrew and Waverly meet, stage manager Kyle Colerider-Krugh has asked an audience member to flip a coin, and informed us that the heads or tails result dictates the play's sequence of events.
Melton said because the jury wanted to avoid a mistrial they decided to flip a coin.