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The National Award-winning actor was visibly flippant when Saravanan bragged about his young college days when he got onto a public transport vehicle to feel up women.
She told RTE's The Week In Politics: "I think that was a flippant comment that didn't belong there."
Fabiani said: "The 'sorry, we're on holiday' approach from the Tories is flippant and risks leaving people in financial dire straits."
"But somehow the Court of Appeal has been absolutely flippant with regards to my economic loss, not to mention my overall hurt and distress at having to stand up to these bullies," she wrote.
A television executive himself, Oliver has a flippant familiarity with behind-the-scenes action, and he spares no one in the large cast of over-the-top characters, from the shallow judges to the puffed-up network execs.
Zuckerberg added that, on the subject of Russian troll interference in the 2016 election, that it's clear now that it was "too flippant" and that he should have never described it as crazy, the report says.
Not being flippant. We manage all the time and our patients always say how hard we work to make their experience a positive one.
I am not being flippant about it, this is how the Government is treating our firefighters, and as good as they are, they cannot do the job without the proper tools.
But what he now says was started as a flippant tweet - on his unverified police Twitter account - has seen him attracting a whopping 64.1k followers in just three days!
It's just a flippant advertising campaign that attracts attention to the club."
London, May 22 ( ANI ): England boss Roy Hodgson has revealed that he does not wishes his players a happy birthday as he regards those things as being 'flippant'
The former reality star told Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio that she had fabricated the story about getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery to "feel tighter" and admitted that misleading fans in an interview on The Graham Norton Show was flippant and stupid.