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The former reality star told Howard Stern on Sirius XM radio that she had fabricated the story about getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery to "feel tighter" and admitted that misleading fans in an interview on The Graham Norton Show was flippant and stupid.
Alexander Thomas, 27, was told by Judge Dafydd Hughes at Caernarfon Crown Court: "You displayed contempt and arrogance and an almost flippant attitude towards the way you treated young women.
This is a terribly serious issue and should not to be treated in a flippant manner.
At a time of Racing For Change this flagship programme needs to be sharp and incisive, not bland and flippant.
I made a few flippant remarks about people's reaction to the character of Tracy Barlow but I don't agree that anyone is ever asking for a beating.
Napalm Death @ Central Station & Yales, Wrexham (November 28) I DON'T mean to be flippant, but surely writing the lyrics for everybody's favourite grind-core metallers Napalm Death must be the cushiest job in the world.
It started as a flippant comment but my wife has been the chair of the County Durham Ice Foundation for 10 years, which lobbies for a rink in Durham.
This novel takes the reader back to a time before the Great War, when Brooke was a precocious and flippant romantic figure, swooned over by every girl he met.
The writer insults our generals with a flippant remark concerning "elf 'n safety", which he seeks to justify by a snide remark about our forces having a 2 1/2 year break between tours "so it does not spoil their family life".
I'm new to this job and have learnt that flippant remarks can be perceived in a negative manner.
Moore's tone in that film may have been flippant and light-hearted--he always is--but I did notice that he located the origins of U.
In interviews he is by turns flippant and serious, politically earnest and cynically expedient.