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Scott told the Examiner: "It was a flippant comment in a tweet that I thought wouldn't get more than a few hundred followers.
I swear on my children's lives I made it up - just to be flippant," the wife of Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne insisted.
Napalm Death @ Central Station & Yales, Wrexham (November 28) I DON'T mean to be flippant, but surely writing the lyrics for everybody's favourite grind-core metallers Napalm Death must be the cushiest job in the world.
It started as a flippant comment but my wife has been the chair of the County Durham Ice Foundation for 10 years, which lobbies for a rink in Durham.
This novel takes the reader back to a time before the Great War, when Brooke was a precocious and flippant romantic figure, swooned over by every girl he met.
The writer insults our generals with a flippant remark concerning "elf 'n safety", which he seeks to justify by a snide remark about our forces having a 2 1/2 year break between tours "so it does not spoil their family life".
Unfortunately using flippant names to describe new species is rather frowned upon these days.
He apologised, describing his comments as flippant and irresponsible.
Upon reading the blurb at the bottom of the page detailing how you might plan to properly take a picture of Hillary Clinton about to get eaten by a shark (Pistolsmithing, Sept/Oct) I was appalled at the flippant attitude with which Hillary's potential drowning and consequent devouring by the shark was approached.
Yet - Benitez can hardly afford to be flippant after yesterday's dismal display.
Further, "a love of tax cuts or a distaste for Nancy Pelosi" is a flippant remark that ignores a more in-depth questioning of his motives and beliefs.
After a few flippant remarks about not understanding the term "spiritual fatherhood" (he is "not familiar with the concept;" he does not see a "muscular Christianity at the Vatican;" and, anyway, he does not see a difference between heterosexuals and homosexuals), Fr.