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After listening to three days of serious analysis and work, and then to have Gates rather flippantly say, `You've got to have clean water and food .
You don't chuck Test matches away as flippantly as Cronje did this week even if South Africa had already won the series,' I wrote.
I mentioned, flippantly, that if the pope would like the cross, or any of my art, he could have it," Benton told NCR.
In this Venter succeeds brilliantly, and the reader has no problem in following the events, recounted at first quite flippantly and with great bravado but later with considerable seriousness and even grimness, augmented by mental meanderings and dreams which prove almost as oppressive to read as they are convincing in their portrait of his degeneration.
It's rather sad that our musical heritage can be so flippantly dismissed in such a manner.
I think tyrone has had long enough to think about it being trapped in the house and he kind of figures out a way that he is going to go about approaching the subject and he just kind of flippantly says 'oh you haven't seen my keys have you or my phone?
Tyson is also reported to have flippantly dismissed his many heavyweight belts as nothing but 'garbage'.
But he alleged the deceased also put him down flippantly and told him he did notknow what he was talking about during a conversation about game cards for the Nintendo DSi console.
Look what happened to Darren Bent when he vented his frustration over his protracted move from Tottenham to Sunderland or Further Education Minister Sion Simon who flippantly linked the swine flu outbreak to Susan Boyle just as the first UK deaths from the virus were announced.
But the Ireland skipper is refusing to treat the World Cup finalists as flippantly as his media duties.
However, I was more than a little upset to read of some of the dishes on offer which flippantly combine references to Christ and Christianity in their titles.