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But Gary Lineker flippantly said Kane (above) was better than Karim Benzema, and that is quite a shout when you consider what Real Madrid's Frenchman has won.
"[The police] said you are going to be arrested for doing that, and I flippantly said 'well you are going to have to arrest me and stop me from warning these women.' I said it flippantly not thinking they would actually arrest me."
Nichijou My Ordinary Life 4 is part of a flippantly comedic manga (Japanese graphic novel) series, consisting of short skits about ordinary school kids ...
Most of the two dozen women interviewed in Vivian Smith's book (newbies, mid-career and senior print reporters and editors) experienced similar sexist insults, even if the youngest women flippantly brushed them aside as unimportant.
Some time later I took Jason for breakfast at SXSW in Texas to chat about a few acts he had there and he flippantly said: "Yeah, so Years & Years, let's work on that together, they are going to be my biggest band."
"And I don't say that flippantly. "That can happen to younger players, sometimes you do things or say things and you end up being in trouble.
"I don't say it flippantly as we're in there amongst some good teams."
I am so upset to know that our heritage can be lost so flippantly.
"I'm not saying this flippantly but I'm not worried by who's in our group," said Wales boss Chris Coleman.
Payne's tweet came after Willie's father, Phil, expressed homophobic beliefs and spoke flippantly of racial segregation in the January edition of GQ magazine.