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In those days, Flit guns were on hand at every picnic, spraying the hard-boiled eggs and custard slices.
For the convenience of the users, the M- Flit series laptop cooling Pad has ERGONOMICS design and adjustable fan speed device.
The bank was suspicious and made a call to another branch in Notting Hill and to Ms Flit, who thought at the time she had about pounds 500,000 in her account.
How do they expect ordinary people to flit around discount stores on the outskirts of towns if they don't have transport?
As a gay man living in Texas, I can't help wondering one thing: Will the straight community accept this gene finding flit works out?
Of course, not everybody is dismayed: Infection-carrying mosquitoes no doubt are flit and happy.
This fascination remains, and now there are hoards of professional and amateur lepidopterists who track some 18,000 species of butterflies that flit around the planet.
Migratory songbirds flit through canopy trees, their calls disturbed only by the distant and distinctly incongruous whine from a motorcycle track on the mainland.
Alessandro Tiburzi, wearing the same green tights and mad shock of fake red hair (prefiguring The Riddler from Batman), was sincere, but did not prance and flit with Di Cosmo's convincing lightheartedness.
The clause allows a prime contractor to receive additional compensation flit hires a contractor that is classified as a "disadvantaged business enterprise" (DBE).
Many factors can affect flit, including printing and bonding.