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I was always flittering in and out of it but we were together for eight years and it was pretty whirlwind and overpowering.
This flittering Insect sports teensy ears on Its wings made up of a membrane about the size of a pen tip.
The blokes just lay there spread-eagled on the grass, completely ignored by everything creepy, crawly or flittering about.
I looked out the window of my office and saw a ticker-tape-parade type stream of papers flittering across the sky.
Everything is in flight, from high V's of distant, honking geese to flittering groups of tropics-bound warblers.
Her arms and splayed fingers flittering, she moved to a haunting score by Etienne Schwarcz that veered from crescendoing violins to serene village sounds.
While I have generally been a personal fan of wasting time, many in the industry take umbrage at their staff members flittering away too much of the precious commodity.
Because without regular gamblers flittering away wads of cash each week, bookmakers are like bars which don't serve booze.
making coffee, showering, working her crossword puzzle and putting out sunflower seeds for the squirrels, sugar water for the hummingbirds and suet for the bushtits flittering at the feeder outside her dining-room window on Floral Hill Drive.