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He had requested whoever was doing my flitting to take that photo and send it to the radio station.
Lawyer Jules, as he won't be known, was still playing records last week, flitting between Russia, Finland and South Africa and tweeting that he "barely had a night in my own bed".
He had more contact with local people and local culture because he was on the ground, rather than just flitting in and flitting out.
She's taken gold in the new event of wasting taxpayers' money, by way of flitting from one office to another in Whitehall at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds.
HAVE fishing rod will travel" describes the flitting about done by James Hughes to find interesting fishing matches, and his last jaunt brought him a win at Southport's Bannister House.
His cousin from Middlesbrough, also called Ivor Chandler, said, "He was always flitting off to Thailand.
It is hip hop par excellence, flitting between blues and jazz to funk and hip hop and dialogue interludes totalling 25 tracks, including the brilliant Chronomentrophobia, When I Look In Your Eyes and Dyin' To Live.
GEMINI May 21-June 20 Oh, you iridescent social butterfly, flitting and fluttering so much even Lady Bunny would wig out.
Recalling the vision-straining trickery of Andrea Gursky's photographs, eyes soon give up trying to resolve depth and perspective, flitting instead between foreground and infinity until they pause to blink.
Ritchie's recent exhibition was titled "After Lives," and the project is a Last Judgment of sorts, relying on the hallmarks of such scenes, with tortured figures flitting through landscapes both apocalyptic and harmonious.
Nicknamed "the odd couple" by a fawning media, O'Neill and Bono spent nearly two weeks flitting about the World's poorest continent.