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The presence of polysulfide on the CuO surface was beneficial to CuO hydrophobicity and facilitates the floatability [21,30-33].
The floatability of these minerals had small variations within a wide pH range.
The frother concentration is significant and positive in the cubic term in Jagua coal, indicating an effective interaction between the frother and the surfaces of the bubble and the coal, which increases the floatability. The significance of pH, Jg and FC can be seen from the values of Fcalculated and Fcritic with 95% confidence level, Montgomery (1999).
EFD has completed test work (lab work followed by an on-site pilot campaign) to investigate the floatability of coarse alluvial gold from a dredging application in Central America.
Both methods produced clean coal products containing about, 2.5% sulfur, which as indicated previously well below the sulfur was recovered by flotation as a result of either poor liberation or pyrite floatability and not due to hydraulic entrainment in the froth water.
Better floatability and selectivity were attained at pH around 3 as revealed in
In 1913 Bradford working with the accumulated tailings and slimes at Broken Hill, Australia, discovered that the addition of copper sulphate increases the floatability of sphalerite....
If the tanks and armored personal carriers, from other reasons, NBC protection and the necessities of floatability and tightness, had a good level of protection, the military trucks, mainly the ones used by Mountain Corps, are neglected, in many cases unwanted events taking place and causing their immobilization from minor reasons which could have been avoided by using very simple methods.
In swimming the consumed energy maintains floatability in order to generate a horizontal move by using your arms and legs to overcome the gravitational force.
The decreasing adhesion reduces the probability of slime coating and thus increases the floatability of bitumen droplets, leading to an improved bitumen recovery.