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Results showed a positive correlation between the flocking density and percent prevalence of MG and the maximum infection of MG was recorded in large size flocks having a bird density of 5000 or more as compared to small ones (Table 3).
Experimental analysis of the social value of flocking by starlings (Sturnus vulgaris) in relation to predation and foraging.
The mathematical biologist said: "The computer model describes many types of flocking or herding behaviour of individual creatures ( from the dense mills of schooling fish to the tumbling flocks of starlings.
The desire to offer his employees better benefits and a safe workplace prompted Ronald Webster, CFO of Fennville, Michigan-based West Michigan Flocking & Assembly, a 105-employee firm that manufactures a special "flock" fiber finish that it applies to car parts like glove compartments and CD trays for decoration and noise reduction purposes, to turn to ADP TotalSource, a Miami-based PEO.
A quirk of flocking birds has allowed scientists to test the idea that a black chest patch works as a badge of status.
Flocking may also help birds conserve the energy they need for long-distance migrations.