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I visited about eight years ago to record a short film for Flog It on some of the museum's highlights.
The inventor of Flog It is hopeful of the product eventually finding success through outlets and catalogs selling game products.
The historic venue will host the Flog It valuation day with presenter Paul Martin, who will be joined by on-screen experts Charlie Ross, Will Axon and Christina Trevanion.
The show recently unearthed a significant find when a rare Aboriginal Broad Shield kept hidden away in a Flog It
BBC Flog It presenter Paul Martin chats with two antiques owners during the filming session at St George's Hall Picture: JAMES MALONEY/jm290309flog-1
The Midland visit will be broadcast as part of the fifth series of Flog It
In fact, leopard flogs have become so rare that the U.
HUNDREDS of people dug out their hidden gems this weekend as popular BBC One show Flog It arrived in Wirral.
AN old silver teapot that was taken along to TV's Flog It
THE idea of this series is to help hoarders flog their potentially valuable items - and then experts use the cash to renovate their homes.
But the enthusiastic presenter of BBC2's antiques show Flog It