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Paul Martin, who will be joined on the day by Flog It experts Elizabeth Talbot, David Harper and Paul Laidlaw, is hoping for a good local turnout too.
The inventor of Flog It is hopeful of the product eventually finding success through outlets and catalogs selling game products.
Second semi: 1 Claires Degree, 2 Belles Major (m), 3 Flog Archer (m), 4 Wunver Cole (w), 5 City Lights (w), 6 Poohsfriendtigga (w).
The historic venue will host the Flog It valuation day with presenter Paul Martin, who will be joined by on-screen experts Charlie Ross, Will Axon and Christina Trevanion.
Series producer Louise Hibbins said: "Presenter Paul Martin and the entire Flog It
AN old silver teapot that was taken along to TV's Flog It
The Reds are trying to flog the likes of Jonjo Shelvey and Jay flog the likes of Jonjo Shelvey and Jay earing to raise cash.
THE idea of this series is to help hoarders flog their potentially valuable items - and then experts use the cash to renovate their homes.
The Daily Times quoted the Tehreek-e-Insaf chief as saying that while people have watched the flogging of small time thieves on TV, "I myself would flog the big crooks when elected to power".
MERSEYSIDE antiques enthusiasts queued up in their droves to get their treasures valued when Flog It came to Liverpool yesterday.
DIG out your gran's old china tea set because hit TV show Flog It
COME and flog your antiques and see if you can make a profit - that is the offer from the presenters of a new TV show.