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The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, like Flogging Molly, is one of those bands that defies convention while sticking to tradition.
FORMER DROPKICK MURPHY'S SINGER Mike McColgan's new band the Street Dogs are a four-piece living in Texas, LA and Massachusetts, touring with Flogging Molly and Social Distortion to spread their sounds across Europe and the United States.
With time already served, the court stated that Balabagan could be deported after the flogging, but Ninotchka Rosea, a spokesperson for the New York-based Gabriela Network, a Philippine-U.
I read in an interview recently with Jay-Kay that following his split from Denise Van Outen, he was going to take a back seat in the old fame game, and stop flogging himself for any glossy magazine that held a dictaphone in front of his face.
I think the public do get very cross when the see the BBC flogging a dead horse.
THE Government has withdrawn its bid for a controversial justice deal with Saudi Arabia as Prime Minister David Cameron raised concerns about the threatened flogging of a 74-year-old British grandfather.
He also added flogging those responsible with the branches they ruined would not be a bad idea.
Last night, the SFA launched an investigation and vowed to take action against fans flogging briefs at inflated prices over the internet.
DUBAI - Rights group Amnesty International said Thursday that Saudi Arabia would postpone the flogging of blogger Raef Badawi, whose case has sparked international criticism, for a second week on medical grounds.
The witness said Raif BadawiA's feet and hands were shackled during the flogging but his face was visible.
The flogging was the first of 20 such sessions mandated by Badawi's sentence - a total of 1,000 lashes, 50 lashes at a time.
Kirkuk / NINA / Local sources said that the IS released this evening three young men after flogging them and impose a financial penalty on them for carrying cigarettes which were considered by the IS organization as prohibited.