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This 2006's flounce memorandum is now the memorandum of the whole country's revolution that dedicated more than 50 thousand of casualties; more than 100,000 wounded in addition to the missing people who disappeared in mysterious circumstances and whose relatives are still awaiting their return.
In our patient, a meniscal flounce was observed in a patient with a fully extended knee in the presence of a recent complete tear of an ACL graft.
Lay the front flounce over a piece of pattern or tracing paper.
Inspired by classic love stories such as Jane Eyre and Romeo And Juliet, designers look set to continue their love affair with frills and flounces.
Or to all-year-round staff at Balmoral, Windsor and Sandringham despite the Queen spending less than a month at each, to allow Edward to flounce around a 50-bedroom mansion and Charles to employ 125 flunkies?
Manning wore a faded jeans mini with a crinoline ruffled flounce.
This black number with a daring white flounce was typical of the contemporary approach by Sergio Altieri, who designed the clothes for Cardin, now in semi-retirement.
Teacher Judith Cookson said: "Too many anger management people give kids the idea it is their right to flounce out of lessons because they have problems with their temper.
Look, Danny boy, if you don't want to talk about your girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell, don't flounce up and down the red carpet with her (above).
Two large Honiton lace flounces reputedly owned by Queen Victoria, the flounces (ruffle or frill) recently came in for sale c.