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Drafted as a circle, or more precisely a donut, this type of flounce is the easiest to create and attach.
Measure and mark the from the upper-edge seamline the desired flounce width plus the needed hem allowance.
From the fashion fabric, cut the flounce on the fold (2).
Meniscal Flounce on MR: Correlation with Arthroscopic or Surgical Findings.
Meniscal Flounce on Knee MRI: Correlation with Meniscal Locations after Positional Changes.
1/2 yard of contrasting lightweight denim for the yoke, flounce and strap
Lay the front flounce over a piece of pattern or tracing paper.
From the first contrasting denim (1/2 yard), cut one yoke on the fold, one front flounce on the fold, one back flounce on the fold, and two straps.
A Spanish flamenco theme added ruffles and flounces to seductively low necklines and hemlines.
Subtract 7" from the recorded length to account for the flounce.
Download the Feeling Flouncy flounce pattern from sewnews.
Measure and mark the flounce inner curved edge at the recorded hip measurement.