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Frills and flounces are definitely in whether on a party frock or in a skirt teamed with leggings and a top for a teen inspired edgier look.
Velour Pilleaux (Ghiselin) as Von Rothbart flounces his spangled crimson cape menacingly.
But when the brothers have a barney, and the bad boy flounces off to a private boat in Lake Como to concentrate on his new fashion range, you know for certain it is.
Now, before the dust settles and the fashionistas move on to new territory, rethink prairie skirts with ruffled flounces and white petticoats.
A record company spokesman said: "They argue, someone flounces of that's the way they are.
Inspired by classic love stories such as Jane Eyre and Romeo And Juliet, designers look set to continue their love affair with frills and flounces.
She flounces off home to her mum, leaving Aaron to stew in his own juice.
Alonso flounces through the film with excess vivacity, but she and Verveen eventually make themselves seem convincingly bewitched by passion.
Elizabeth Hurley flounces across the screen in her vest and generally behaves like a pouting prat who is so shallow she makes Paris Hilton look like Vivienne Westwood.