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Despite extensive sampling in the management area, juvenile summer flounder are only found from southern New Jersey to North Carolina (Smith and Daiber, 1977; Able et al.
In the ocean, flounders change their appearance to avoid predators or to sneak up on prey.
Fishing for flounder at Druridge, Chris Robson took an unusual fish, a very small John Dory.
In a match fished by 18 with eight weighing in, Terry caught three flounder for 2lb 1.
Now Flounders has been jailed for nine months - but the Jarrow pensioner said the sentence is of no comfort.
Mark Cowell, from Llantwit Major, has had another open match success; this time in the Country Stores Open in the Loughor Estuary, his brace of flounders with a total length of 65cm giving him the PS90 second prize.
Through November, gulf flounder, egg-bearing females and their smaller male companions, head for the passes to spawn in the Gulf of Mexico.
Greasby's Bill Lindfield drew upon his vast experience to catch five fish for a winning total of 167 centimetres, while Kevin Coleman (Dwygyfylchi) and Paul Molyneux (Aintree), tied with three flounders apiece giving them 114cms under the measure and return rules.
Third strike" burglar Flounders, 19, was locked up, while one-time straight-A student Everett, 20, avoided custody.
Ivor Smith, from Rogerstone, made it to second place with 16 flounders and a bass weighing 7.
Match anglers have mainly headed for the region's rivers in the recent calm seas for mixed bags of whiting, coalfish, flounders, with the odd smaller cod as a bonus.
as that's precisely the period in which adult flounders of both species gang up before spawning.