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Flounder are not famous in the game-fish world for drag-smoking runs or aerial acrobatics.
to 3lb have been taken, with the conditions on the open beach marks anglers fishing the more sheltered marks at Cambois, Blyth and Druridge have only taken a few flounder.
Flounders noted that the US-led coalition against the ISIL terror group has violated international law by bombing hospitals and schools in Syria.
Miss Flounders wiped away tears in the witness box as she described how the 28-year-old former Boro and Sunderland winger had told her "everything" about kissing a 15-yearold girl when he returned from a police station after his arrest in March last year.
Stacey Flounders - who is the mother of Johnson's one-year-old daughter, Ayla - said the pair would remain friends, as she was asked about their relationship at the former Sunderland winger's trial at Bradford Crown Court.
Zac moved up to number one in the club's roving competition; but all he needed to do that was a pair of flounders weighing 0.
Flounders and soles from Japan collected by the United States Bureau of Fisheries Steamer "'Albatross" in 1906.
Fat flounders follow the tide as it cuts through the many gullies and the anglers cast their baits into the shallow water, while carrying most of their tackle in a rucksack.
Winner Brian Maxwell weighed in four flounders for 1.
The significance level of the negative trend of the CPUE (number of commercial size flounders per 24 hours and a net) of experimental catches at station 1 (rectangle 134) during the second part of July 2002 was 0.
Since flounders have white meat and a flaky texture, most restaurants and supermarkets offer some type of the fish.