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According to Thomas 'A flout occurs when a speaker blatantly fails to observe a maxim.
Both blind groups performed comparably well--and markedly better than sighted participants did--at discerning sounds directly in flout of their bodies that came from different distances, ranging from a to 4 m.
This latest initiative comes as Gardai and the PSNI find themselves fighting a legal loophole when it comes to prosecuting "visiting" motorists who flout the laws.
Sometimes Americans United has had to ask the IRS to investigate religious groups that flout their tax status.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 February 2003-Danish fishermen prepared to flout EU fishing restriction - report(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Flout means "to scorn or ignore a convention or rule.
Those of Carribean descent from the many islands and landlocked places where corrupt politicians and greedy businessmen flout natural and civil laws to amass power and fortune, will be touched by Kincaid's rendering because it is all too familiar.
The committee called on municipalities to place all cafes and shops that serve beverages under the scanner and bring to book those who flout the rules.
f well-off, bilising to line (HS2) don't have Instead they have manicured gardens which they use to flout hosepipe bans and keep young Petunia's pony.
An RTI query has revealed that apart from popular markets, malls and government establishments, even hospitals flout fire safety norms.
The Daily Mail said there had been no "deliberate intention" to flout or frustrate the court order and argued that a report in the newspaper had not breached it.