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TRIPOLI, Lebanon: A grenade was thrown at the Abu Ali roundabout during a protest in Tripoli Monday, flouting the tentative calm in the northern city.
Mark Schroeder, the comptroller of Buffalo, said the bank 'needs to be held accountable for flouting a state law designed to help people keep their homes.
University employees have demanded CJP to take Suo motto notice of such blatant flouting of laws.
It is concluded that Hamlet accomplishes his purpose of putting on an ,antic disposition by flouting the four maxims of the cooperative principle.
Foreign currencies dealing can be done only if one has special permission from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and nd anyone flouting the rules under FEMA can be penalized.
If your staff had checked the facts, you would know that no Nass Group companies have been fined by the Labour Ministry for flouting the ban.
The team is targeting dangerous lorries and buses and truckers flouting rules over driving times.
The Scotland striker, 26, was hit with the exclusion order from 45 venues in Edinburgh after being caught flouting the ban a fourth time.
Whatever the reasons for so many flouting the ban, it is clear something needs to be done to get the message through to motorists once and for all.
Police are setting up checkpoints all this week and will issue pounds 30 fines to anyone flouting the law by not belting up.
Flouting the law can lead to fines of up to pounds 50 for individuals and pounds 2,500 for businesses.
THOUSANDS of Merseyside motorists are still flouting the law and putting themselves, and others, in danger.