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Hamlet in his reply to Polonius's query, flouts this maxim.
By being literal in interpreting Polonius's speech Hamlet seems to be acting as an uncooperative hearer; 'word, words, words'; Hamlet flouts the maxim of quantity here along with the maxim of manner.
The complexity in Hamlet's speech is strengthened because most often when he flouts one maxim another maxim is flouted by default.
Hamlet not only flouts the maxim of quality here by being insincere in his reply, he also flouts the maxim of quantity by default.
Similarly he flouts the maxim of quality by default when he flouts the maxim of relation in the exchange discussed earlier about ,the sun breeding maggots in a ,dead dog (lines:181-2) He is being metaphorical rather than literal.
Cutting (2002: 34-5) has discussed the four maxims of the cooperative principle as proposed by Grice (1975), which might be observed or flouted by participants according to their purpose.
(Cutting, 2002: 34-5) Speakers may observe or flout the maxims according to their purpose.
According to Thomas 'A flout occurs when a speaker blatantly fails to observe a maxim...there is a deliberate intention of generating an implicature' (1995:88).
The maxim of relation is flouted when the speaker does not make the connection between his words and the context clear in a verbal manner.
A speaker may flout the maxim of manner if he wants to exclude a third party from the conversation or if he wants to confuse the hearer by being obscure.