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In his 1976 Phi) thesis at Carnegie-Mellon University, "Production Systems as a Programming Language for AI", Mike Rychener first described the use of production rules as a repository for conditional knowledge where each rule's conditions remained independent of one another and required no action on the part of a programmer to organize a body of conditional knowledge into a procedural flow chart.
In addition to speed, Steeplechase flow chart programming enabled us to create generic modular conveyor sub programs, which we can use for all future systems," said Davidson.
Mission Flow Chart - A complete walkthrough of every mission and locations of people of interest.
Yet, this exception is not included in the flow charts beginning on page 8.
Steeplechase provided training across the entire Chrysler facility to ease the integration and acceptance of the software and flow chart programming.
If the hearing aid cannot be located, the CNA reports this to the nursing supervisor, who alerts staff through the 24-hour report and initiates the Hearing Aid Retrieval process, as illustrated by the flow chart [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED].
When developing a series of process FMEAs, a complete manufacturing flow chart must be generated.
A large flow chart behind the extrusion machines charts how much time has been taken out of the process.
Underneath is a simplified hemostasis flow chart referencing Bio/Data's full line of aggregation reagents: collagen, AggRecetin(R), vW Factor Assay(R), lyophilized platelets, epinephrine, ADP, Thrombinex(R) and arachidonic acid.
Taking responsibility: In case anyone needed to know, USC coach Paul Hackett explained the flow chart for criticism on a football team when it is in the midst of a losing streak.
When an engineer selects a task from the primary Roadmap, a screen for the task displays a flow chart of the process in Algor.