flow forth

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Professional organizations brought the term "patient-centered medical home" and, as Terry McGeeney, MD, the first leader of TransforMED, aptly stated, that's not like Coca-Cola, with an instantly recognizable name in which one pops the top and knows in advance the taste of the carbonated refreshment that will flow forth.
As Geoff Wood has said, "Having fed upon the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ, we are to flow forth from the sanctuary to inundate our neighborhoods, workplaces and schools with Christ so as to make an otherwise secular world sacred again" (Living the Lectionary, Liturgical Training Publications, 2003).
Businessmen in the two countries are upbeat over the potential of traded and economic benefits which will flow forth from the Islamabad decisions.
She seemed to micro-manage individual notes and phrases, instead of just letting them flow forth and sing themselves.
Dollars flow forth north from downtown rather than disappearing over the hill, never to be seen again.
In more recent years she's suffered from writer's block, but now it's cleared to allow this set of contemporary pop to flow forth with the Sade-style jazzy Take Care the top track.
While enjoying nature, confessions and pardons sincerely flow forth, as love grows in God's gardens.
Encourage your students to dip their brushes into some paint and enjoy the spontaneous energy and creativity that will flow forth.
The steps flow forth, but sometimes facility precludes much depth.
They think the money, like the spring water, will flow forth effortlessly.
Should LLTC beat the Street's expectation, more optimism could to flow forth from this already optimistic bunch.
Going to prison] is hard as a father," Mahedy told NCR, "but I've come to realize that while love begins at home, it has to flow forth into the world as well.