flow of words

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Order the guns," Rivera said, and thereupon was guilty of the longest flow of words they had ever heard him utter.
Mosey still found relief in her customary flow of words.
With the far-away look in his eyes and his soft flow of words he showed me his scars.
Once more Miss Garth attempted to stem the man's flow of words.
To this flow of words, not perhaps in the best taste, but characteristic of D'Artagnan, whose principal object was to divert his opponent's attention, Mordaunt did not reply, but continuing to turn around he succeeded in changing places with D'Artagnan.
Your flow of words is great, Miss Twinkleton, and no doubt is expected from you by your pupils, and no doubt is considered worth the money.
A dead silence greeted this unusual flow of words from Mr.
The shrinking of her auditress stopped her for a moment in her flow of words, delivered in a retrospective gloomy voice.
A flow of words doth ever ease the heart of sorrows; it is like opening the waste weir when the mill dam is overfull.
Miss Mills had a wonderful flow of words, and liked to pour them out.
Rather to Flambeau's surprise, his clerical friend, who seemed to have entirely woken up, took up the digression and talked natural history with his host with a flow of words and much unexpected information, until the dessert and decanters were set down and the last of the servants vanished.
With a great flow of words he complained of being totally misunderstood.