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A rainy night had been followed by a glorious morning, and the heath-covered countryside, with the glowing clumps of flowering gorse, seemed all the more beautiful to eyes which were weary of the duns and drabs and slate grays of London.
So it was nearly sundown when they finally came to the trees; but now they found themselves in a most beautiful spot, the wide-spreading trees being covered with flowering vines and having soft mosses underneath them.
Rank grass, waist high, grows upon the plain of Phutra--the gorgeous flowering grass of the inner world, each particular blade of which is tipped with a tiny, five-pointed blossom--brilliant little stars of varying colors that twinkle in the green foliage to add still another charm to the weird, yet lovely, land-scape.
It was that of a young girl in whose hair was a gorgeous bloom plucked from some flowering tree of the forest.
Beyond the neat lawn and the flowering shrubs, Jane Clayton saw the glistening bodies of her Waziri.
Some gorgeous blooms upon a flowering shrub at a little distance from his machine caught the attention of his aesthetic eye, and as he puffed upon his cigarette, he walked over to examine the flowers more closely.
In the foreground were box-bordered walks, smooth, sleek lawns, and formal beds of gorgeous flowering plants, while here and there marble statues of wood nymph and satyr gleamed, sparkling in the brilliant sunlight, or, half shaded by an overhanging bush, took on a semblance of life from the riotous play of light and shadow as the leaves above them moved to and fro in the faint breeze.
Closer and closer came the little Prince, and in another moment he had burst through the flowering shrubs, and stood facing the implacable master of fence.
The horses were grazing close to the edge of the forest in which Nobs and I were concealed, while the ground between us and them was dotted with clumps of flowering brush which offered perfect concealment.
Early observers asked whether they were flowering plants or fungi.
Only after they have grown to this size should you consider slightly reducing their height -- that is, if you want them to continue flowering to the maximum extent.
Flowering Quilts: 16 Charming Folk Art Projects To Decorate Your Home by quilting expert Kim Schaefer is an beautifully presented and "user-friendly" needlecraft guide to making sixteen artistic quilting projects.